Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the Sizzle Up app work?

After downloading and opening the Sizzle Up App, you will be prompted to sign up and create a profile. You will have the option to skip this step. However, you will not be able to record video ratings of restaurants, but you will be able to search and view restaurant profiles. Once a profile is created, you are now a part of the Sizzle Up Community. It allows a community member,  to search and video rate nearby restaurants, comment on video ratings, favorite restaurants, receive push notifications on promotions and deals of the day, check into restaurants, and share live feeds while dining. It is this social media aspect, paired with our unique rating system, that will set us apart from our competitors. Click here to see an illustrated visual of the Sizzle Up app and press play.

How does the Sizzle Up rating platform differ from the traditional five star rating systems commonly used?

 We have eliminated the “overall rating” system. Sizzle Up consumers are given the ability to rate local food establishments through categories based on a unique criteria that calculates the raters' opinions. In order to successfully rate a Sizzle Up establishment, first the rater will choose one of several different categories to rate; such as: taste of food, ambiance, cleanliness, wait time, service, and affordability. Once a category is chosen, the rater will use the “Sizzle Up scale” to answer a couple of short questions, before calculating the final rating. The rater is notified of his/her final Sizzle Up rating and is then prompted to record a video providing credibility behind the particular rating that was given. Every establishment can have a reputable rating in one category and a disreputable rating in another category. This is done to ensure accuracy and relevance in every rating. 

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